Learning to play Home Port Boardgame

Home Port
Feb 2020

Production Planning

WOW! Mind blown by the Home Port Boardgame.

Strategy, Fun & with a sly smile playing the Pirate Ship😉. Home Port is a shipping themed board game, designed to bring people together around a journey of fun, concentration and celebration. Home Port incorporates economic principles such as supply and demand, cash-flow, buying and selling of both natural resources and containerized goods, as well as various real-life applications affecting the world of shipping and international trade.

Learning the game with Piet Van Der Westhuizen (Founder of the Home Port Game) & talking business strategy, marketing & video production was great fun. Who says you can’t play on the job!

Watch this space for a series of videos for the boardgame.

Visit the website to learn more about the game and where you can purchase your box, homeportgame.co.za