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Only after discovering true identity will someone achieve real purpose and success

Eugene & Melandi
Team - Eugene & Melandi

Everyone has a story to tell, an identity to discover. We are here to journey with people & companies to help realize their identity through a refining process.

We offer tailored solutions for corporate, small business and private clients. With creativity close to our heart and innovation, compassion, integrity at hand we capture, produce and inspire with our client’s success in focus. We believe our success is as a result of that of our clients’.

Our focal point in photography is to capture the subjects identity through a discovering process of posing and refining to gain the best angle of each person. On a personal note, it is important for us to journey with our clients to discover hidden treasure within themselves.

Video material is very important in today’s social and business digital playgrounds. With our video production service we create masterpieces that gives the memory & story life, a timeless investment to keep telling your story, be it a wedding or product launch.


We are a husband and wife team from Cape Town, we have a passion for journeying with people and seeing them achieve freedom, breakthrough and success. We believe in a time such as this, live your best life now, don’t wait for tomorrow.

Our journey started when we met each other in 2005, what started as a great fondness for taking photos quickly grew into a passion for photography. A family and friends gathering was an excuse for taking photos. Through word of mouth we started to offer photo and video services part time as a sustainable hobby.

Throughout the years our creative skills have been used in private, communal as well as commercial work and the one thing stays constant, anything creative remains personal and close to the heart. We continued to offer photo, video and design part-time for many years while our day jobs included graphic designing, corporate identity maintenance, websites and marketing material creation even though this wasn’t our main roles, our creative drive pulled us to do.

Digital Marketing & Advertisement was added to our portfolio with the realization that the best content is wasted without the correct, targeted exposure. With our belief that our client’s success determines ours, we were unprepared to offer the content creation service without assisting our partners to gain the intended traction.

Our own business and community service has always been an associated desire of ours, and here we are in full swing ready to assist you in discovering your identity, telling your story across the digital frontier.

We are here to help you grow, let’s accomplish success together!