Why Filmmaker?

Videographer, Cinematographer or Filmmaker? When defining a business, we also have to define roles and for a video production company, those 3 roles are often heard. Therefore the question arises, which one do we fit in?

The short answer is, we are Filmmakers! The long answer is, we do all of them 🙂

Here are our definitions in layman’s terms:

Videographer is a person pointing a camera at a target and simply records what they see. The product is usually a simple sequence of imagery that helps remind the audience of the occurrences. This works well to establish memories. Quick turnaround time is of utmost importance here.

Cinematographer on the other hand, refines the frame to create fine art. Each visual clip is as good as it gets and can easily stand on its own. The story or bigger picture is less important and the idea is to be lost in the moment.

Filmmaker understands there is more to a great product than visuals, taking charge of multiple aspects, which includes communicating the message in a creative way. This is where we find ourselves most of the time. The art in balancing people’s ideas, time, technicality and creativity.